4.0 in pickleball
We Love Pickleball

We Love Pickleball

What does it mean to be in the kitchen in pickleball?

A 4.0 in Pickleball means that the player is considered an advanced intermediate player. It means that the player has a deep understanding of the rules and has developed the ability to perform efficiently under pressure.

Level 4.0 in Pickleball also means that the player has had enough experience and a lot of practice to be able to play quickly and aggressively to force opponents into making errors. At this level, a 4.0 player uses advanced strategies and adapts to the opponent’s strategy by anticipating the opponent’s shots and consistently varying shots to create a competitive advantage.

4.0s consistently hit with moderate depth and control, use the dink and drop shot successfully, and can volley different shots at different speeds. These players also often hit successful 3rd shot drops from the baseline.

Unlike the lower levels, a player who is level 4.0 in pickleball seeks out more competitive play. 4.0 players usually do not play the game as a hobby. They typically have racket sports backgrounds and/or they are strong athletes.

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