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pickleball gloves
We Love Pickleball

We Love Pickleball

Top 10 Pickleball Gloves

1. Optima Max Grip Cabretta Leather Racquetball Gloves


  • Naturally Tacky
  • Ultra-Thin Cabretta Sheepskin
  • Stay-Soft Leather
  • Reinforced Double Layer Palm
  • Breathable mesh backing

Any pickleball player who struggles to maintain control of their paddle on the court should consider investing in the Optima Racquetball glove. With its naturally sticky grip and ultra-thin Cabretta wool material, this glove gives you maximum control over the paddle. Stay-soft leather is used to bolster the palms of the Optima gloves. This prevents you from sacrificing feel and control on the court in favor of losing contact with your paddle.

2. HEAD Leather Racquetball Gloves


  • HEAD Performance
  • Durable Design
  • Ultimate Grip
  • Cool Tech Spandex
  • Knuckle Protection

This glove is composed of synthetic leather that is both dynamically flexible and lightweight, making it ideal for racquetball players. Protects your palm and thumb with a webbed silicone grip that also gives you a sticky hold that preserves the entire control of the pickleball paddle.

Spandex that circulates heat and keeps the glove breathable is on the top of the glove. This guarantees that your hands remain cool while playing on the court, even after long periods of time. It also has built-in protection for the knuckles, which are vulnerable to dive shots and tumbles.

3. Bionic Racquetball Gloves


  • Anatomical Pads System
  • Eleven Terry Cloth Mini-towels
  • Top-grade Sheepskin Leather
  • Form-fitting Terry Cloth Wristband

The Bionic Racquetball glove is a great alternative if you are seeking for a more tough and durable glove. A washable goatskin leather is used to make the Bionic glove, which is inherently abrasion-resistant, flexible, and durable. Padding on the knuckles provides additional hand protection when sliding or diving for the ball on harsh surfaces.

For a stronger grip on the racquet or pickleball paddle, an anatomical pad system is included into the glove. It also helps keep your hands dry and cool thanks to eleven terry fabric mini-towels within the glove, which quickly absorb moisture and pull perspiration away from your hands, while the form-fitting wrist band works as a supplementary wrist support.

4. HEAD Leather Racquetball Glove – Airflow Tour


  • Premium Perforated Cabretta Leather Palm
  • Airprene
  • Nylon Mesh Lycra Backing

Premium Perforated Cabretta Leather is used in the palm of the Head Airflow Tour Racquetball Gloves. You can keep your hand dry and cool without losing grip quality or protection thanks to the leather’s microscopic perforations.

Another layer of Airprene is placed around the knuckles to cushion and protect the knuckle area during miss-hits, dives, and stumbles.. This is followed by a nylon mesh lycra upper portion of the glove that pulls air into the glove and removes moisture from your hand.

5. Python Vintage Synthetic Racquetball Gloves


  • Elasticized Network Back
  • Supported 1-inch Wide Wrist Elastic
  • Durable Synthetic Leather
  • Lock Stitched

Racquetball gloves that are lightweight and grip like a python are developed with the Python Vintage Synthetic Racquetball Gloves in mind. The rear of the glove features an elasticized network that keeps the hand cool while maintaining a tight fit. While the palm and fingers of the pickleball paddle are made of robust synthetic leather, this provides an excellent grip. The glove’s lock stitching makes it durable and long-lasting, and the 1′′ wide wrist elastic rides up the wrist to provide the user more control over their hand. Python Vintage Synthetic Racquetball Gloves are a great option if you’re seeking for lightweight gloves with a firm grip.

6. Wilson Clutch Racquetball Gloves


  • Proprietary Sticky Skin Treatment maintains tight grip
  • Great Hand Fit
  • Sleek Red and Black Patterning

An eye-catching racquetball glove, the Wilson Clutch Racquetball Glove is packed with power. The grip on these pickleball gloves is extremely strong and gives a lock-tight grip on the paddle thanks to Wilson’s patented Sticky Skin technology. As an additional layer of protection, the gloves are made of superior microfibre suede leather, and diving pads have been added around crucial regions of the glove.

If you put on a Wilson Clutch Glove, you’ll instantly see how well they’ve done with this design: it’s extremely lightweight, doesn’t bunch up like other gloves, and delivers a super-sticky grip.

7. Franklin Sports Pickleball-X Performance Gloves


  • Engineered Knuckle Gussets
  • Floating Thumb Inserts
  • Adjustable Wrist Strap
  • Inner Grips Built from Gripster Tech
  • Fatigue Relieving Padding

Wrist straps on Franklin Sports Pickleball-X Performance gloves hold the glove in place for better control while playing the game. A breathable leather on the palm gives a solid grip, while also wicking perspiration away from your hands.

In addition, the thumb and index fingers have additional cushioning to minimize blisters and pain. In addition, the Franklin Pickleball-X Performance Glove has cutaway fingers, which helps keep your hands cool and dry while playing the game.

8. Selkirk Attaktix Pickleball Gloves


  • FLEXX-FIT technology
  • Premium Leather
  • Second Skin
  • Breathable Coolskin
  • Instant-Fit

As a result of the glove’s FLEX-FIT technology, the Selkirk Attaktix provides an outstanding fit for enhanced paddle control, allowing you to feel as though you’re wearing second skin.

The Selkirk Attaktix glove, unlike many other gloves, quickly conforms to the shape of your hand and is made of superior leather that is both protective and breathable, ensuring that your hands remain cool while your grip stays unbreakable.

9. ProKennex Pure One Pickleball Gloves


  • Pittards Sheepskin Leather
  • WR-100x Tanning Process
  • Lycra Backing
  • Exclusive Anatomical Design
  • Neoprene Knuckle Padding

With its superior Pittard’s Quartz Cabretta leather, the ProKennex Pure One Pickleball Glove delivers excellent grip, protection and “feel” over the pickleball paddle. With the glove’s micro-channel lycra and designed boxed sheepskin leather, you can modify the fit to your hand, ensuring the glove behaves as a second skin and does not distract you from the game.

Finally, the glove’s Neoprene knuckle pads are both pleasant and protective, keeping your hands safe while you dive and slide down the slopes of mountains.

10. Tourna Sports Pickleball Gloves


  • 99% Leather, 1% Terry
  • Extra soft, thin, Premium Calf Skin Leather
  • Plush Terry on Backside
  • Velcro Closure
  • Excellent Traction and Control

The Tourna Hot Glove Mitt is an excellent pickleball glove for keeping your hands warm and dry as you play. To handle the pickleball paddle, just slide your hands into the Tourna mitt, which is made of 100% breathable fleece and keeps your hands toasty on cold days.

Gentle matches, warming up, or practicing sessions are ideal for the Tourna gloves. Invest in some Tourna Hot Mitts if you have cold hands when playing pickleball.

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