Top 10 Male Pickleball Players

Top 10 Mens Pickleball Players

1. Benjamin Johns

Top 10 Male Pickleball Players

At the tender age of 20, Benjamin Johns is the world’s best pickleball player and the youngest professional on the top list. As soon as Johns finished his junior year of high school, he chose to take up pickleball since he was tired of tennis. A dominant force in pickleball since his victory at the 2017 U.S. Open, Johns has won gold medals at every major championship afterward.

2. Jocelyn Devilliers

Top 10 Male Pickleball Players

This French champion has five professional championships to his credit throughout the course of his distinguished career. In December 2020, he became the third-highest ranked singles pickleball player in the world.

3. Tyson McGuffin

Top 10 Male Pickleball Players

Pickleball was first introduced to Tyson McGuffin by a tennis-playing buddy in 2015. At the time, McGuffin was a professional tennis player and instructor. Tyson joined the Coeur d’Alene Classic and won gold in the Men’s 4.5 Singles event after a few casual games of pickleball. He’s now one of pickleball’s most decorated professionals, and many consider him the sport’s top player.

4. Riley Newman

Top 10 Male Pickleball Players - Riley Newman

He’s an American who competes in Men’s Doubles. He finished second in both the Men’s Doubles and the Men’s Mixed Doubles rankings in 2020, after Benjamin Johns. The Mixed Doubles is where Lindsey Newman and her younger sister play. Riley took first place in the Men’s Doubles category, and Lindsey took second place in the Women’s Doubles division in one of their exciting doubles matches in 2020.

5. Matt Wright

Top 10 Male Pickleball Players - Matt Wright

During his time at the University of Michigan, he played tennis, but it wasn’t until 2016 that he discovered pickleball. The first time he played in a mixed doubles match was at the US Open, when he teamed up with Lucy Kovalova. In this game, he’s one of the oldest players, having reached the age of 40.

6. Zane Navratil

Top 10 Male Pickleball Players

Zane Navratil became a professional player in 2020, but he’s been tough to go against even before that. He’s won 27 matches throughout the course of 6 events since turning pro. He is currently 26 years old but has achieved countless milestones ever since his debut.

7. Frank Anthony Davis

Top 10 Male Pickleball Players

In recent years, professional pickleball player Frank Anthony Davis has risen quickly through the ranks. When Davis won the Atlantic Region Singles and several doubles championships with Kyle Yates, a top ten rated male pickleball player, he jumped from 25th to 3rd place in the global rankings.

8. Dekel Bar

Top 10 Male Pickleball Players - Dekel Bar

Pickleball traveling is nothing new for Dekel Bar, a native Israeli and former professional tennis player. Bar is one of the most powerful and athletic pickleball players in the world. Adam Stone is Bar’s doubles partner, while either Corrine Carr or Catherine Parenteau is his mixed partner.

9. Collin Johns

Top 10 Male Pickleball Players - Collin Johns

Former baseball player Collin Johns changed to tennis at the age of 16 and was a professional by the time he was only 20. In 2018, Johns began playing pickleball, and has since climbed the ranks courageously.

10. Kyle Yates

Top 10 Male Pickleball Players

Pickleball pro-Kyle Yates was among the first in the world to venture into the pro league. He has six gold medals from the U.S. Open, five gold medals from the USAPA Nationals, and 15 additional medals from the USAPA Nationals.

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