PickleUpper Pickleball Ball Retriever

Pickleball Ball Retriever

Playing Pickleball is a great way to stay fit and healthy, have fun and spend time with friends outside. But reaching down to pick up the pickle ball over and over again can cause back and lower back pain. That is exactly what the PickleUpper is designed to prevent. Use your paddle to pick up the ball, rather than having to bend down each time. This puts less repetitive strain on your back muscles and can be useful in preventing injury.

Why it’s worth the money?

The patent-pending PickleUpper is the perfect device for your pickleball matches. Pickleballs can be picked up without having to lean over wholly. You won’t have to worry about letting your partner pick up Pickleball or stooping over to pick up Pickleball anymore. The PickleUpper is a pickleball paddle handle adapter that is intended to suit conventional pickleball paddle handles. Fit it over the end of your grip and stretch it as required to complete the installation process in seconds. PickleUppers should be included in your pickleball set, and additional PickleUppers should be kept in your pickleball bags so that you are always prepared to play- the simple way.

High Score, Less Pain

Stress is placed on your back, hips, and knees as you bend down to pick up a pickleball. It is possible to drastically lessen the amount of bending necessary while attempting to pick up your Pickleball using PickleUpper. This lowers your chance of injury and allows you to focus on earning points rather than making needless moves between points.

It won’t slow you down.

The PickleUpper is meant to be used in conjunction with your pickleball racket without causing any interference. The PickleUpper’s neck was designed to provide the least amount of disturbance with the paddle grip. The suction cup will not interfere with your enjoyment of the game. The PickleUpper’s precision-engineered suction cup works with both indoor and outdoor pickleball balls, and it may be used with both. It is designed to be as light as possible to enhance comfort, performance, and utility. To use, place the suction cup on top of the ball and raise it.

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