Pickleball on tennis court

Can you play Pickleball on a tennis court?

Although Pickleball and Tennis are distinct sports, they have a substantial similarity since both are frequently played on indoor and outdoor courts. A tennis court is much bigger than a pickleball court, but it can simply be converted to a pickleball court. Since there is not much difference between the two, players can play Pickleball on a tennis court using the same net but with modified lines. Pickleball courts may be built upon tennis courts. Still, your choices for doing so are limited by your ability to install permanent or semi-permanent equipment or the time it takes to set up and take down all of the necessary equipment. It’s essential to have the net set up correctly before you can play Pickleball with a tennis net. Tennis courts are typically a couple of inches taller than pickleball nets. As a result, you’ll need to reduce the tennis net’s center to 34 inches. Pickleball utilizes the same court size as badminton. Along with the court size for games, it is recommended that you provide sufficient space for the out-of-bounds region.

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