How do you play pickleball?

How do you play pickleball? Today, we’re going back to fundamentals, answering the question that every pickleball player had at the start of their trip: How do you play pickleball? So, whether you’re here to refresh your memory or you’re just getting started in the sport we love, this piece is for you. Firstly, what is […]

When was Pickleball invented and by who?

Is pickleball hard to learn? In 1965, the sport of Pickleball was first played in the United States. In the fall, Congressman Joel Pritchard and wealthy businessman Bill Bell returned to Pritchard’s Bainbridge Island, Washington, residence after a summer of golfing. They decided to play badminton since they had bored youngsters at home. There was […]

Why do they call it Pickleball?

Why do they call it Pickleball? According to reports from the US Pickleball Association, it is not clear where the term “pickleball” came from. However, within a few days of playing, Joan Pritchard had coined the term “pickleball” as a play on the term “pickle boat,” which refers to crew races in which non-starters are […]